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It would increase your app keyword ranking after running specific keyword installs advertising campaign and bring you thousands of new loyal users every day. Users will locate and download your app with specific keyword which you would like to boost its current ranking to a better position. The prior position the keyword ranking is at, the easier users can find your app. It is the direct way to enhance your app visibility and attract accurate users.
Why Should You Choose Guaranteed Keyword Ranking Pushing Service?
Guaranteed keyword ranking pushing service is a way which can maximize your ROI. We have the ability and faith to push a specific keyword to a targeted position (No.1, No.2 and No.3) and will retain the ranking for one week or more as you like. It is known that the first three positions on App store are the best place to bring about more organic users to an app, so we only guarantee to push a keyword to Top3 or below, or we will full refund you. We will not waste you a penny and make sure your money spend at the right place!
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