Privacy Policy

Rankmobi understands all the privacy matters of our website’s visitors. Particularly, the site understands the high need of protecting the privacy of individual data collected about our visitors. According to the common policy, no tacitly collecting of private information such as name, e-mail or other address is provided. In order to provide the best optimization of the website pages for the visitor’s phone or pc, Rankmobi uses its rights to collect some non-personal information. The kind of the collected information can include info about internet browser used, operating system details, service provider or domain name. We may use the mentioned data in order to count the overall number of the website visitors. The personally identified information can be collected only if it voluntarily provided. In the situation of collecting such a data, the next principle is used: in what way the collected data on this website is used except for as identified in privacy policy, the individually distinguishable data provided by the visitors perceptively and voluntarily to Rankmobi site is kept by the website and cannot be traded or relocated in any other way outside the company, except the other choice was made once the information was collected.

Usage Of Cookies

Rankmobi makes use of no coolies in order to collect our users’ personal data details.


Rankmobi will notify you once collecting your private information and about this information being used. All the collected data are used as entire. The information that can be personally recognized is not joined or used.

Details Of Privacy Policy

Be aware, by using Rankmobi, you approve this website Privacy Policy. In case you disagree with it or with some of its concepts, we advise you to avoid using of our website. Rankmobi provides its Privacy Policy’s periodical reviews and has the full range of rights to take out or change this Policy at whatever time according to its decision. You would have to review this page occasionally in order to be always aware of the modifications.

Rights Of Data Subjects

a) A right to confirm

According to European lawmaker, the data subject has a right to ask controller for information, whether his or her personal data is being processed. If such subject wants to use the right to get confirmation, he or she should reach the controller’s employee.


b) A right to get access

According to European lawmaker, the data subject has a right to ask controller to provide free data on his or her personal information and to copy it not depending on the time. European guidelines grant data subjects with access to such information, as:

  • Aims of personal info processing;
  • Included categories of information;
  • Subjects or their groups, who are willing to get access to information, third countries or international establishments;
  • If possible, access during the period, when such information is stored. If not, the criteria, which are used to establish such a period;
  • A right to ask for data erasure, restricting its usage and processing by the controller and other participants;
  • A right to complain to relevant authorities;
  • Access to the sources of personal information if it not being collected from the subject;
  • Availability of automated means of making decisions, like profiling (GDPR Article 22(1) and (4)) and information on the involved logic; its importance and the consequences of processing the subject’s details.

The data subject has a right to get information whether such data is sent to a third country or any other international establishment. In such situation, the subject has a right to get all the information on protection measures during the transfer. If the subject wants to use his access right, he or she should contact controller’s employee not depending on the time.


c) A right to rectification

According to European lawmaker, the data subject has a right to rectification of imprecise or misleading personal information from the controller. Considering the aims of procession, data subject has a right to demand completing incomplete information by providing a relevant statement.

If data subject wants to use the right to rectification, he or she should make a corresponding approach, reaching controller’s employee.

d) A right to be forgotten

According to European lawmaker, the data subject has a right to ask the controller to delete any information that concerns him or her without a delay and the controlled must delete such information in the following situations (if the processing isn’t required):

  • Personal data is not necessary for the goals, for which it was previously collected and kept;
  • A data subject called off the consent, on which the processing was based and there are no grounds for its usage according to points a) of the Article 6 (1) and 9 (2) of GDPR;
  • A data subject doesn’t want his information to be processed according to GDPR article 21 (1) and there are no legal restrictions for such actions;
  • Personal information was processed inaccurately;
  • Personal information needs to be erased according to obligations of the Union or members of the state, which the controller is subject to;
  • Personal data was gathered due to the information society offer, subject to GDPR Article 8(1).

In case one of the reasons, which were mentioned above, is applicable and the subject wants to erase his or her information, stored at Rankmobi LLC, the subject can contact controller’s employee. Such employee will do everything possible to delete information without delays.

If information was made public, while it is necessary to erase it according to Article 17 (1), the controller should consider possible technologies and the cost of such actions, and do everything possible to inform other employees, who also store and process such information, so that they could take all the necessary steps to delete links, copies and any other files, which are a matter of concern. Every case will be solved individually by employees at Rankmobi LLC.

e) A right to restrict processing

According to European lawmaker, the data subject has a right to ask the controller to restrict personal data usage in such cases:

  • Data subject cannot agree with the accuracy of collected information and wants the controller to take enough time to fix all the possible inaccuracies;
  • Processing process cannot be considered legal, while the subject doesn’t want to remove information and wants to restrict its usage instead;
  • Controller’s employee doesn’t need personal information but it is used by the subject in matters of legal claims and defense;
  • Data subject doesn’t want his or her information to be used, according to GDPR Article 21(1), while waiting whether there are legal grounds for its usage.

In case one of the reasons, which were mentioned above, is applicable and the subject wants to restrict the processing process, which is completed at Rankmobi LLC, he or she has a right to contact controller’s employee any time. Such employee will arrange everything to restrict the process.


f) A portability right

According to European lawmaker, the data subject has a right to get all the collected information, which concerns the subject, in a readable format and in a structured way. Such subject has a right to transmit information to other controllers without any notifications to a previous controller if the transmission is based on GDPR Articles 6 (1) and 9 (2) points a) or following the contact, based on GDPR article 6 (1) point b). In such cases, processing should be carried out, using automated means and technologies if it doesn’t interfere with public interests.

Any data subject has a right to move his or her personal information to other controllers and subjects, unless it interlinks with interests and freedoms of other data subjects. This is based on GDPR Article 20 (1).

To get a chance to transmit personal information, data subject needs to approach a Rankmobi LLC controller.


g) A right to object

According to European lawmaker, the data subject has a right to object processing personal information at any time, based on GDPR Article 6 (1) points e) and f). Profiling is also included.

If the subject decides to object, Rankmobi LLC won’t process information further, although this process may be stopped if the objection overrides rights and interests of the subject or the enterprise.

In cases of using information for marketing goals, the subject can object to such processing at any time. It also includes profiling. Once the subject asks for canceling the processing, Rankmobi LLC will stop the process immediately.

Data subject may also ask to stop using his or her information by Rankmobi LLC for the goals, related to all sorts of research, i.e. statistical, historical or scientific ones, following GDPR Article 89 (1) in cases other than the processing is used for the public interest.

If the subject wants to exercise such a right, he or she should contact controller’s employee. In addition, the subject can object using his or her information by automated machines, which is supported by the Directive 200/28 /EC.


h) Decision-making and profiling, based on automated processes

According to European lawmaker, the data subject has a right to refuse usage of personal information, if it is analyzed by automated processing, which may have a significant effect on the subject, as long as such decision (1) is not needed to complete a contact between subjects or controllers or (2) is prohibited by the law of member state or the Union, to which the employee is subject to and which is not based on the approval of the subject.

In case the decision (1) is needed to complete a contact between subjects or controllers or (2) is based on the consent of the subject, Rankmobi LLC will complete all the measures to protect rights and data of the subject, as well as his or her interests, including the right to obtain human-based processing from the controller, which includes personal opinion on the subject.

In case the subject wants to use such a right, he or she needs to contact Rankmobi LLC employee at once.


i) A right to cancel the consent on data protection

According to European lawmaker, the data subject has a right to cancel his or her consent on collecting or using personal information at any time. If the subject wants to use such a right, he or she needs to contact Rankmobi LLC employee at once.

Legal Grounds For Processing

The legal grounds for processing are based on GDPR Article 6 (1), which are previously obtained for processing goals. For example, in case the processing is needed to follow a contract (i.e. during supplying goods or services, based on GDPR Article 6 (1) point a). The same happens, when information is collected and processed before the contract is signed and fulfilled, for example completing tax papers, which is supported by GDPR Article 6 (1) point b).

The same is used for dealing with situations, when pre-contract measures are held; this may include various requests on the services and products we provide. Our company has legal obligations, which require processing of personal data, for example completing tax papers, which is based on GDPR Article 6 (1) point c).

In some cases, such collection and storage of data is necessary for vital purposes, i.e. injuries inside the company or those, obtained on the work place. In such a situation, we will need to provide the hospital with such information, as name, age, insurance number and any other important details about the injured individual. In such situation, processing will be carried out according GDPR Article 6 (1) point d).

In addition, processing may be based on GDPR Article 6 (1) point f). This concerns situations, which were not mentioned above and cannot be covered by any other legal basis. For example, to process information, concerning our own interests or interests of the third party if such interest doesn’t interfere with the rights and freedoms of the mentioned data subject, which is opting for protection of his or her personal information.

Such measures are allowed, because they were mentioned by the European lawmaker. He stated that a legal interest can be assumed in case the subject acts like controller’s client (GDPR Recital 47 (2).

Legal Interest Of The Controller Himself Or Of The Third Party

In the cases, when processing information is based on GDPR Article 6 (1) point f), it is our duty to rule business in advantage of every employee and shareholder.

Personal Data Storage Period

The period, during which personal information is stored, is determined by statutory measures. When such period comes to an end, all the information is deleted if it not required to complete the contract or to initiate it.

Cookies Policy

Rankmobi LLC pages use cookies, which are text documents that are stored by the browser of the computer.

Cookies are stored by most of the websites and servers, and contain a specific ID. Cookie’s ID is its identifier and consists of a string of characters, which are assigned to a particular website or computer. This helps to personalize every browser and distinguish it from any other on the web. By using such ID, the browser can be identified.

With the help of cookies, Rankmobi LLC has a chance to provide quality services, like a user-friendly interface and a clear logic of pages. Without cookies, this process would be much harder.

Using cookies, the company can improve the quality of services, considering wishes and interests of the user, as they help to recognize every individual. Such recognition makes it very simple to use all pages of the website. For example, you don’t need to provide you access information every time, as it will be saved in cookies and inside the computer system. If you are making purchases online, cookies help to save all the items in the cart and you won’t have to find them again if you have mistakenly left the page.

If the subject is not willing to let the computer system save cookies, he or she can change the settings of the browser at any time. He or she can also delete all the previous cookies by following simple instructions of the browser or operating system. Such options are available on all browsers, although if the subject decides to delete cookies, the functionality of our website will be limited.

Collecting General Information And Data

Our website gathers a range of general data any time the subject or the system is using it. Such information is stored in log files and includes (1) type and version of the used browser, (2) operating system, (3) referrers, which were used to attend our website, (4) sub websites, (5) details on the time and date, when our website was visited, (6) Internet Protocol Address, (7) provider of internet services, which was used to log in to our system and (8) similar information, which can be useful for protecting the website from attacks on the system or the website.

Rankmobi LLC only collects general data without making any conclusions about the subject, who is entering the website. Such data is required to (1) properly provide users with the content, (2) optimize it for the website and ads, (3) support long-lasting performance of all the systems of the company and its website and (4) inform legal authorities concerning any criminal activity, i.e. cyber-attacks.

This means that Rankmobi LLC collects all the information and analyzes the statistics to improve protection of information and security of the company, as well as to deliver high quality services to the users. Log files are stored separately from any other details of the data subject.

Subscribing To Newsletters

When entering Rankmobi LLC website, every user is able to subscribe to the company’s newsletters. The mask of the system detects, which information should be used and when the controller should send the newsletter.

By using newsletters and subscriptions, Rankmobi LLC informs customers and partners on various events. The newsletter can be sent only if the subject (1) has an authorized email and (2) has registered for delivering newsletters. Once the data subject decides to sign for a newsletter, he or she will get a confirmation email for legal reasons. Such email is sent to make sure that the subject is really willing to receive notifications and newsletters from the company.

When the subject is registering the subscription, we collect information on computer’s IP address, given by the provider of internet services, as well as the time and date of completing the registration. Collecting such information helps us to detect possible misuse of the address of the subject and helps to protect the controller, using legal measures.

Personal information, gathered during registration will be used only for sending out newsletters. In case of technical modifications or fresh offers, the subject may also be informed on his or her electronic address. No transition of personal information to third parties will be taking place. The subscription may be canceled at once and the consent may be revoked.

Every newsletter contains a link, which will help the subject to unsubscribe from newsletters. In addition, the process may be completed directly from the website.

Tracking The Newsletter

Every newsletter Rankmobi LLC sends has a tracking pixel. It is a graphic symbol, which is embedded into emails and provides saving and recording information in the log files.

Such pixels help to complete statistical analysis to decide whether a particular marketing campaign was successful or not. Rankmobi LLC can also see when the email was opened and which links were pressed by using tracking pixels.

Such information is gathered and stored by the controller to analyze all the data, which concerns the newsletter, for improving performance of subject’s interests. His or her information will never be sent to third parties.

Subjects can always cancel collection of any sort of information, which was previously agreed by using a double-opt procedure. When the cancellation is completed, controller will immediately delete such information. Any request for deleting information will be considered a refusal to receive a newsletter.


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